I love doing new things. In the past few months, I’ve spent time teaching myself to swim, learning a new language, and trying my hand at woodworking. I enjoy the challenge, and appreciate the unique perspective these activities offer. I have lots of trouble, however, maintaining that initial excitement and further developing my passions.

What I have noticed on those few occasions where my hobby has lasted longer than a few days is that an encouraging, dedicated partner or team helps sustain the enthusiasm. We (at least I) need others to keep us motivated, to share with, and to learn from. Unfortunately, I don’t always have that support. And that’s why I turn to you, the people of the internet.

I’ll post some of the interesting things I’m working on, and  I hope that you’ll check them out. Furthermore, I’d love if you could provide insightful comments, constructive criticism, and tons of encouragement. Thanks!


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